15 January 2008

Getting High in Dullstroom

And we do some orienteering too

04 January 2008

Rainy South Africa

Scott also likes to live dangerously
Our chalet

Well about an hour after my last post, thunder storms rocked Dullstroom for the rest of the day and all night. The whole town lost power about 6pm, and was off until about midday today. We went out running yesterday evening, and about 20mins later, we were running through torrential rain and lightening. Luckily the restaurant in town which does a 'sports meal' cooks with gas, so we could still get some food. Today has been pretty overcast, but still over 20 degrees. Did a nice interval session this morning along some of the tracks out of the west of town. The surroundings are basically rolling hills with almost no trees, and then occasionally a small pond or copse, and a few little huts.

03 January 2008

Sunny South Africa

After a couple of days travelling, we are finally in sunny Dullstroom, about 3 hours east of Joburg in South Africa. The weather is perfect, in the twenties with a slight cool breeze. We flew at 6am on 1st January - not very fun, but the flight was OK and despite a slight delay, we got to the Mulder's house at a decent time. Yesterday we picked up Bjorn Eriksen and then drove over to Dullstroom (after a slight detour out of the airport) and via some shopping malls and Middelburg to buy some food and some clothes for Bjorn (his bag didn't arrive). We arrived in Dullstroom in time to get a quick run as the sun set.
We are staying with some Swiss boys, but there are loads of other athletes, and a few other orienteers staying in town. Our house is amazing, with 4 bedrooms, BBQ, satellite TV, everything you need on a training camp.
This morning we hit the gym, and we are slowly easing into training, to adjust to the altitude. This afternoon we will go for a slightly longer run.

Photos when I can get the connection to upload them.