01 February 2010

Very early season

So January has been a really good training month for me. It is hard to compare with last year when I spent the whole month in Dullstroom in South Africa, but here is a comparison anyway!

January 2009
55okm running, 55 hours aerobic training, 6 hours strength and conditioning

January 2010
390km running, 40 hours aerobic training, 14 hours strength and conditioning

Quite a contrast! A huge amount more of my training this year has been in the gym and in terrain, and so my average running speed has been lower and I have run less kilometers. This is a big change in emphasis as I prepare for WOC in Trondheim which I think will be a lot more about leg strength and less about running speed. My plan is to increase the running hours a little in February and March, and maintain the strength training at about 4 hours each week.

We had one amazing training camp in the Lake District with a really good group of athletes - there was some ice and snow, and the forests were really tough and slow!

Couple of maps below from that, as well as from a couple of local recent races.
Northern Champs this weekend, we had a middle on Saturday at Beeley and a long at Big Moor.

Long results, routegadget coming soon...

Last weekend results, routegadget

Lakes training
I claim dodgy map and gps signal!

Northern Champs middle