02 May 2011

SWEDEN - Sprint champs, Stigtomta, 3rd at Tiomila!

2 weeks ago I moved back to Sweden, to my new apartment in Södertälje. Immediately I went away for the weekend to Gotland for the Swedish sprint champs in Visby, where I was very happy to come 5th.
Last week I ran in Stigtomta relay, I ran the 5th leg and was doing an ok performance running with the leading group until the TV control, then I fell and hit my knee and struggled round the last 15 minutes, losing a little over a minute to the front 2 teams. Unfortunately Scott missed a control on last leg and so we were disqualified.

My knee actually felt ok for a few days after the race, but 4 days after I had some swelling and inflammation., it was really painful even walking and so I had to see the physio - he told me there was no tissue damage, just fluid causing the pain. So it was not particularly good preparation for Tiomila doing no running for 5 days and being unsure if I should even run.
Anyway, I did run, and with some strong pain killers I was able to run the 9th leg for SNO. The boys did an excellent job to send me out with Kalevan Rasti in the lead. I couldn't follow Hertner though, and I finished 2 minutes after in 2nd place. I had a fairly good technical performance and was satisfied with my race.
Matthias Muller did a good job and we finished in 3rd place! A new personal best for me at Tiomila.