27 January 2011

My new home

For the last few weeks I have been living here

Due to the fact that I can't run because of this

Which happened because of this

Running through the dunes in Barbate, this sharpened root was sticking out of the ground, and went straight through the sole of my shoe and 2cm into my foot (it would have gone through almost any shoe, it certainly was not the fault of the X-talon!).
Trips to hospital every day to get treated and dressed, and it was very difficult to walk at first with the bruising and the BIG HOLE in my foot. Almost 3 weeks on I have still a lot of soreness and bruising, the would is healing nicely, but there is no chance of running yet, and weight training seems to be quite painful still, so I am training a lot of hours on the spinning bike. I have also lost some sensation in the side of my foot and my big toe - apparently I might have damaged the nerves which could take up to a year to grow back - it is very strange not to have any feeling in part of your foot!

My season has had to be reassessed, as obviously I won't be running for a while, and certainly won't be racing for a few months yet. No cross-country this year.

Anyway, apart from that, Spain was lovely - good weather, good training, good company. Here are some pictures.

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