04 April 2007

New club for this season

Switch to IFK Lidingö

After 5 years running for IL Tyrving, I decided it was time for a change, and as of now, I am running for IFK Lidingö, a Stockholm based club. There is an article about my switch on the IFK Lidingö website here.

I am going on a training camp to Stockholm and Finland in May in preparation for Jukola, and I will also spend some time in Sweden later in the summer.

Stag weekend

Last weekend I went to my training partner (and also one of my best friend's) Julian Simpson's stag weekend. Without embarrassing him too much, it was an awesome weekend in the Peak District with quite a few orienteers there. We went paintballing and did a fair bit of running (as well as more traditional stag weekend past-times)

Back problems

I have a history of back problems, and the last few weeks it has been playing up quite a lot. I have been to the physio a couple of times and I have been doing loads of stretches and exercises, but it is a bit worrying at this time of year.

JK and British Sprints and Middles

This weekend is the JK. Four days and four races. Sprint on Friday, middle on Saturday, classic on Sunday and relay on Monday, this is the biggest event in the British calendar. Last year I managed to win the 3 individual days. This year the aim is to go one better, and take home a relay trophy as well. The event is down in the Forest of Dean, which is gorgeous forest with fairly large spurs and re-entrants, with a fair amount of finer detail too. JK website.
The weekend after is the British Sprint and Middle champs. I am defending the sprint title, and I would like to add the middle title too (it clashed with TIOmila last year). Website here.

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