09 May 2007

New 10 km pb

Last night I ran a 10km road race around Silverstone Grand Prix track. The course was exactly 2 laps, and the surface and lack of climb meant it was a very fast course. The only problem is that it is exceedingly exposed, so the runners really suffered a buffeting from really strong winds for a lot of the course. I wasn't sure how tired I would be after the Nordic champs, and I just went with how I felt during the race. I sat on the leaders in what I thought was a comfortable pace for most of the race, tucked in on their shoulders, then as the pace started to wind up at the end, I took the lead at about 8.5km. I went throught the 9km marker with maybe a 10m lead, but one guy had a really fast last km and destroyed me to the finish. I held on to 2nd place and knocked almost a minute off my PB to run 32.15. Without the wind, I like to think I can get well under 32.

Liis ran well as well to get under 40 mins for the first time, finishing as 10th woman in 39.40.

Results here


Lloyd Biddell said...

Well done GG on your pb. Spotted quite a few orienteers there at the event - Harold Wyber, Liis etc.

I reckon the wind was worth 15 secs and was probably at its worst half way round the lap. I came home in 35.54 (official time is wrong) and is also a PB by 30 secs for me. Thought i'd say hello but doubted you'd know who I am...

Aiming to be run sub 34 next year so on a track like silverstone you might still be in sight next time!

gg said...

go for it!
it's probably a good course to go for a quick time

Anonymous said...

congrats on your pb, thought i would write something as suprised to see all your orienteering results - good stuff - ran myself at silverstone - left far to much work to do as started slow but had been suffering with illness etc - finished 4th and almost got ya!! - have a good season - oh also i enjoyed some warwick/cov uni pup jogs during my time at cov uni - very interesting + fun bunch of guys - Mat

Lloyd Biddell said...

Now some low res photos available (unless you want to pay for them!) - link is on the silson joggers page.

gg said...

i'll be running my 10th (?ish) pub jog in a few weeks

always good for a laugh