30 October 2007


Last weekend I took part in Smålandskavlen, the last big competition of the year. I ran the last leg, but the first two (night) runners didn't have a good day, and we were more than 15 minutes behind. Our 3 day runners did pretty well though, and I went out in 32nd place. I ran the whole race basically on my own, only seeing some other runners in the butterflies. I was happy with my race, I was about 3 minutes slower than the fastest on last leg, and I missed somewhere around 1-2 minutes, just a couple of small mistakes. My team finished 27th.

The girls won :) Results here

Only bad thing is I hurt my calf a little, and then running on it on Monday, I managed to tear something, so now I can't run.

Photo Torben Utzon

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gg said...

Problem solved, thanks