20 February 2008

Jag bor i Bosön nu

I morse vaknade jag klockan halv åtta. Efteråt jag frukost, ja gick till skogen med mina kompisar. Sedan sprang vi i skogen en och en halv timme. Efter, jag gick tillbacka hem, och jag duschade och jag åt lite lunch. Sedan, tog jag bussen till skolan.

For those uneducated people, that is Swedish. Which I now learn. With some Africans and Asians. Every day. Between 12.15 and 3.45. Which is nice.

I came back to Sweden last week, moved into my new flat in Bosön sports campus, basically a place for elite sports people who are students in Stockholm to live. Its really nice and pretty cheap, and perfect for training. My knee is feeling much better, and apart from some niggles in my calves, training is going well. I will put up some training maps soon.

We had 3cm of snow last week. But its gone now.


Anonymous said...

GG - nu på svenska. That's "Gay Gay" just in case you're wondering. See you in Aviemore.

nixon said...

Shocking grammar!

Efter gick jag tillbacka hem och duschade jag och åt jag lite lunch....

JAAAAAck said...

tja grAAAAAham,

nice pics!
ses ikväll!