11 June 2008

World Championships Test Races and Selections

Photo: Digisport

At the weekend it was back to the UK (Shropshire to be precise) for the WOC test races. I had a bit of an epic journey, with my flight so delayed I had to buy a new ticket at the airport on Friday night, and drive up from my parents house in Surrey on Saturday morning in time for a 9.20 start time in the sprint.

First off was the sprint around Shrewsbury - a really nice old town sprint, reminiscent of some races in Switzerland or Italy. I (along with about 25% of the field) ran down one dead end and lost 30 seconds, but apart from that I ran well and finished 2nd behind Scott.

In the afternoon was the middle distance on Weston Heath. That is a beautiful area, but not at this time of year with head high bracken. I was really tired and made lots of mistakes, and finished 6th, around 3 minutes behind Oli.

Sunday was the long. I was struggling with motivation at the start, felt low in energy and my achilles was a bit sore. I made quite a few mistakes, but then I had some energy gels and caught Speakey, and started to push quite hard. When JD caught us both, I ran really well racing with him, and I finished 4th, about 4 minutes down on Jamie.

Results for sprint and middle here

Long results here

I will put some maps up sometime soon

UK Cup final standings here

WOC selections here

I have been selected for Sprint, Middle and Relay which was my goal.

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