06 September 2008

Debut half marathon

Today I ran the Stockholm Half Marathon. I've never run the distance before, and it was my first road race since May 2007 (I think...). My goal was 70 minutes based on the fact the weather would be good and the course would be flat and fast.

It was pissing it down....
And flat my arse, felt like only about 5km was flat, the rest was up and down over and under bridges and loads of small climbs.
Managed to just about keep warm before the start, and stuck to my tactic of starting slow and trying to keep a steady pace. Ran the whole race overtaking people - I don't think a single person passed me!
Ran 16.34, 16.46, 16.20, 16.39 5km splits, and 3.42 for the finish. Fluctations due to hilly bits / flat bits. My finish time was 70.03, but I am sure I crossed the finish line 5 seconds quicker than that :(.

Anyway, really pleased with the time and the way I felt. The first 10km in 33 mins felt easy, it was tough after that, but I felt really good around 12-18km, then the last 3km was a real struggle.

I feel on a nicer day and a flatter course I can run maybe a couple of minutes quicker.

Results here

They have now changed the results online, so my official time was 69.58 :)


Anonymous said...

oi muppet - your official time is 5 seconds quicker.


gg said...

sweet they changed it overnight :)

Helen Palmer said...

Nice running gg :)

Anonymous said...

good effort gg, I'm impressed! I wimped out of the Glasgow 1/2 at the weekend but I'm looking forward to trying to beat your time next time out.

All the best for whatever the next target is,

gg said...

hehe you ran well in the 10km though!

Anonymous said...

Very good race! I think you will beat that time quite soon, go for it! :)