22 February 2009

February- back in the UK, new look GB team, starting to prepare for Tiomila

Sweden - just like South Africa

So I got back from South Africa to wintery Europe and quite a shock. Seeing the sub zero temperatures in Sweden, I decided to stay and train in the UK for all of February (although we had some record snow in the south east of England too!). First up was the new look GB team Planning Weekend, which was the first opportunity to hear our new performance director talk about his plans for the year and the future - exciting stuff! Although we still don't have a coach...

My parents garden in Surrey!

After that I have been visiting a few friends, doing some really good training and enjoying being in the UK for a change. Things I have been doing include some running in the Peak District, joining a new running club, Aldershot, Farnham and District Athletics Club, getting back into some climbing, and last weekend I went out to southern Sweden for a TIOmila camp with Lidingö. It was a really good camp with some quality training sessions and a really good atmosphere, but unfortunately there was 5-10cm of snow, and it was bloody freezing! Down to minus nine in the mornings.
Running in the peaks-

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