17 July 2009

Sat at home watching the World Games

Not where I want to be really - I would much rather be in Chinese Taipei with the Great Britain team racing round parks and museum gardens. After my test race victories, I took a few easy days, did a little mapping work etc, but somewhere along the line I picked up another cold. The tough weekend combined with some stressful events during the week must have lowered my immune system enough so that by Friday/Saturday I was feeling really rough. On Saturday I was lucky enough to be at Matt Crane and Grace Elson's wedding in Sheffield, but all I could do on Sunday was drive back to my parents house, drop out of the team and get into bed.
So far this year has had 2 major international championships, the Nordics, where I was sick, and now World Games, and I am sick again. Hopefully I will not make it a hattrick for the World Champs....

My plans are now simplified, I will return to Sweden when I feel better, take part in the Swedish Sprint Champs, then 2 weeks before WOC I will take part in the Karst Cup in Slovakia which I feel will be a relevant challenge for the Hungarian forests. Then I will finalise my preparations back in Stockholm (trying not to get sick!).

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