17 May 2010

World Champs Test Races

So, 2 weeks before the European Champs and 3 months before the World Champs, we had our test races for the World Champs. A really good set of races in Glasgow, and up on the west coast of Scotland near Oban. I didn't really try and peak for these races, rather take them as preparation for the Europeans at the end of the month. I was really satisfied with my performances in the middle (2nd, 10 seconds down) and the long (3rd, 1.50 down), but not with my sprint race (2nd, 40 seconds down). Especially in the middle, I feld my orienteering was going really well, and with a couple of weeks taper, I hope to be in really good shape in Bulgaria.

I have been selected for middle and sprint for WOC - I was hoping for long and sprint.

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