02 November 2010

Victory in Smålandskavlen and fast at the FRA Relay Champs

The last few weeks of the season have been productive for me, first up running the fastest time on leg 3 with Andi Davies at the FRA Relays in the Lomond Hills in Fife (both in X-talons) as our club Mercia came 4th overall.

Here is the map from my leg - quite simple navigation, and fast running! 14.3km 620m climbing, 67 minutes.
This weekend, as many others were running the OMM, I headed over to Sweden for the traditional orienteering season closer Smålandskavlen, a 5 man relay with the first 2 legs held in the dark and the other 3 run as a chasing start in the daylight the next morning. My club-mates did an excellent job in the dark, actually getting a 2 1/2 minute lead over the 132 other teams! That meant on 3rd leg, I was heading out on my own into the forest with a 2.34 headstart, being hunted down by 132 guys including a chasing pack 2 1/2 - 4 1/2 minutes behind of about 10 really strong teams including Halden, Kalevan Rasti, Kristiansand and OK Linne. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous! But I actually had a really good race, with only one technical problem of about 40 seconds over the 40 minute race, and I was able to actually increase our lead to a little over 3 minutes. I had the second fastest leg time, around 25 seconds down.
Anders Skarholt and Fredrik Johansson, my Norwegian and Swedish respectively team-mates did a really good job too, to keep our approx 3 minute cushion all the way to the finish, and we were able to celebrate our first big team win of the year (and last!).

Map here with my route

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