20 March 2011

Poms at POM etc

I went to Portugal for 9 days with some British boys and some of the SNO guys and girls to get in some nice training in the sun, but as when I left I could not run, I wasn't hopeful so I rented a bike for the whole trip.
I ended up being able to do some running, and by the end of the trip, I even ran a middle distance quite fast. I did do a LOT of cycling though, and I really enjoyed it - hundreds of km around small roads in lovely rolling hills, mostly in nice weather. The highlight was a 100km from Vale de Seda to Evora.

Day 3 of POM (WRE) - cruised around, a few mistakes

Day 2 of POM, jogged round, lots of mistakes!
Sprint training in Evora
SNO camp night champs, 2nd place after M. Muller. Pretty happy with my run - 31mins for 7.2km in the dark!
WRE middle distance - raced this one and was doing ok until I got tired in the end and started making a lot of mistakes.

I did a lot of training in Portugal, but I did a little too much, and unfortunately I got a cold on my return to UK. This weekend I planned to run British Student champs, but I decided with my cold and my foot injury, that a 60 minute race in rough Scottish terrain wouldn't be the best bet.

Instead, my club put on 2 events around Sheffield, so I took part in both - an urban race in Hathersage in the Peaj District, and a middle distance on a new, really interesting and unique map called Hugset - I had quite a good 'race' but I wasn't running very fast, just a couple of small mistakes (it was really technical!)

I now have 3 weeks until the British Sprint and Middle championships in Brighton, and then I am moving to Sweden, to run with my new club, SNO.

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Paulo said...

Yeah, the Hugston middle dist. terrain was realy challenging. Just like in POM, but instead of rocks, here was depressions... a lot :) Didn't done well :) but enjoyed. The best map so far in England for me .