31 October 2011


Smålandskavlen 2011 2nd place

It was always going to be tough to match winning Smålandskavlen last year, but we came pretty close, finishing second to the mighty Kalevan Rasti. I ran the second leg, my first night race for a while, and I did a decent race, pulling SNO up to 2nd place overnight. I had company for a lot of the race, mostly from Jonas Gvildys and Thomas Carlsson, and in the end Topi Anjala. We quite often had different gaffles, but always came back together. Jonas had the fastest leg time, and I was second.
The terrain was tough, not unlike some Scottish areas, and hilly and stony. Nice way to finish a successful year for SNO, although it would be nice to start turning the top 5s, top 3s and top 2s into wins!

Results here

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