09 May 2006

Middle final

I think this photo sums up the day

Some general disappointment in the British camp. Jamie, after his medal on Sunday, came into the race with a lot of confidence and expectation, but lost 2 minutes at the first control. Oli, Mr Middle Distance, ran a reasonably clean race but lost time after the spectator control by crossing the wrong track and doing a quick loop in the wrong block of forest.

The girls were all scrappy, and with Rachel still suffering from hayfever, the results reflected that - not awful, but not as good as we would have liked.

I was pleased with my run - only 3 and a half mins down on Thierry, but down in only 35th place. I ran strongly, made a couple of mistakes, and would have expected to be slightly higher which is indicative of how strong the competition in these European Champs really is.

Still, some World Cup points in the bag which is more than can be said for the sprint (top 40 get points).

Results here
Splits here

Race Analysis

Started quickly and just lost direction crossing the marsh just before the control. Hit the left side of the marsh and just followed it round. Nothing disastrous, maybe lost 10-15 secs. Hit two nicely, get slightly confused on 3 crossing the spur and small hills - the green doesnt quite seem to fit but I look round and see the control so OK. Spike 4 and 5, get slightly confused by the green / semi-open area on the way to 6 and get pushed slightly left but recover and hit the control nicely. Come out of six slightly too far left and find myself in the marsh but no big problem, correct myself and cross the small hill into the control. Hit 8 perfectly and leave the control towards 9. Never really get my direction right on this leg, end up straying down the hill and being able to see the lake. Don't panic, but keep running trying to get direction. Probably still running off line but pick up path and then relocate at junction. Control is easy from there. Lost maybe 1min 20secs. 10 is fine, although it seems further than is shown. This might be because I have slowed down to look at the next leg. Pick the obvious straightish route as no path routes jump out. Try to run the leg hard but lose concentration slightly and end up running to the right of the hill instead of to the left. Thats fine, and go into the control well but get distracted by a multitude of photographers in front of and around the control. I know I am right because they are there, but I can't see it at first and panic slightly, but regain control and find the control behind them. Easy legs in and out of the spectator control. 14 is fine, 15 I am really happy with, read everything on the leg and ran quickly. 16 was really good too. 17 I hesitate about the route choice, but settle for the easy option. Fearing I might miss the open area I head to the right, but I needent have bothered as it is really obvious. Spike this control and sprint into the finish arena.

A reasonably good race, small wobbles at 1,3 and 11 and a mistake at9. Time loss between 1 1/2 and 2 mins.

Rest day tomorrow with the long and relay model.

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