10 August 2006

On to Sweden

The second part of my trek round europe and i have made it as far as Gothenburg. I am travelling with Sarah-Jane, my best friend from university and we are now staying with her brother who lives just outside Gothenburg in Partille.

Since WOC we spent a day in Copenhagen, a day in Hillerod and a day training with Jamie (Stevenson). Then we caught the ferry from Helsingor to Helsingborg and despite our best efforts, failed to hire a car. We arrived at AVIS just after they closed, asked around for another place that might be open, and met a very friendly local called Stefan who drove us around several car hire places, and finally back to the station when the journey proved fruitless.

And so it was a train that took us the Gothenburg. We met an odd fellow at the station, a Swede who had lived in Bradford and who swore I was Australian. He made us guess how old his Thai fiance was from a dog-eared photo in his wallet, and laughed at us when we got it wrong and then went away (thankfully).

Today we chilled and went for a nice walk, and the plan is to do a little bit of training, and go and see some of the European athletics champs which are on this week.

No photos unfortunately due to camera problems.

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SJ said...

We also met a Swedish Andrex puppy, encountered the woman who probably contributed to a poor performance from David Hughes (not one, but two flashes from her camera at a crucial moment) and saw the bump that is soon to become my niece/nephew.
I did some of the toughest orienteering that I have ever encountered and we both ate a lot of hotdogs. A good week was had.