24 October 2006

Selected for Great Britain Perfomance Group

The new British Squad was announced today, with a new structure. This year there is a large pool of athletes who make up the squad, and a smaller group of athletes who form the Performance Group.

Lizzie Adams (SOC/SHUOC)
Aislinn Austin (CLOK)
*Helen Bridle (WIM)
Becky Carlyle (AIRE)
Rachael Elder (CLOK)
Jenny Johnson (SYO)
*Mhairi Mackenzie (WCOC/EUOC)
Alison O’Neil (NOC/JOK)
Helen Palmer (CLYDE)
*Sarah Rollins (BAOC)
Jo Stevenson (SYO)
Claire Ward (INT)
*Pippa Whitehouse (CLOK)
*Helen Winskill (SYO)

Rob Baker (SYO)
Nick Barrable (FVO/JOK)
*David Brickhill-Jones (INT)
Oleg Chepelin (GRAMP/EUOC)
*Matt Crane (WCH/SHUOC)
*Jon Duncan (GRAMP)
Scott Fraser (INT/EUOC)
*Graham Gristwood (OD)
Oli Johnson (SYO)
Dan Marston (INT/DRONGO)
Ewan McCarthy (MAROC)
Mark Nixon (EUOC)
Neil Northrop (SYO)
Matthew Speake (EBOR)
*Jamie Stevenson (SYO)
Murray Strain (INT)

* Member of the Performance Group

Getting nervous before the OMM now

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Anonymous said...

well done at getting selected