27 May 2008

Mixed start to EOC

Well I didn't qualify for the sprint which was disappointing. I could point to the fact that my calf was a bit sore, or that the EMIT without most recent version cards doesn't really allow for fast punching and I fumbled a couple, or that I was in the toughest heat (within 30 seconds of leader to qualify compared to around a minute for the other heats), but at the end of the day I wasn't fast enough and I missed out by 1 second. I ran well and I thought I had good speed. I missed maybe 10 seconds on 1 control but I was surprised to miss out.

Today was much better. The calf was sore during the warm up, but felt ok on the course. I had a good race, lost around a minute and finished 2 minutes behind to qualify 8th in the long. Ran some of the course with Baptiste and Erik Ohlund. Times were much faster than expected, but the forest was nice, tricky in parts, but very fast running. Looking forward to the final tomorrow.

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