15 May 2008

Second place in first Stockholm City Cup

Last night was the first race in the Stockholm City Cup, held in Humlegården near Stureplan in Central Stockholm. As you can see the area is tiny, the race was a bit contrived and still the winning time was under 11 minutes. I finished 4 seconds down on Anders Skarholt, having not missed anything really (pretty hard to miss in that park). Didn't really have enough grip on the wet grass in racing flats.
Just looking at the splits, Anders and I had the same time at 16, but I lost 8 seconds to him from 16-19 and that was game over.

Results here

On Saturday I ran a 12km 'cross-country' race. Results here

On Sunday I ran middle distance at Roslagen, was pretty nice. I was very scrappy. See map above and results here.

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Matt Rooke said...

cool video!