23 August 2012


This week I have been mostly writing Masters thesis. Luckily I don't have any training to distract me at the moment, so I have been able to make good progress, so hopefully soon I will be able to add the letters MSc after my name, and be eligible for the SPOOK beer-relay team (although I probably would need to change my training slightly to make the first team). My training break has been going well, with an amazing holiday in Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, during which we walked about 5-6 hours each day, often up big hills, so we pretty much needed a holiday the week after to recover. Also went in some cool caves, visited some amazing coastal towns - are there sprint maps of Rovinj, Pula etc? If there aren't there should be! Now I am looking forward to kicking off training again in September, and hopefully doing a couple of races in October. I have been selected for the World Cups in New Zealand, so hopefully I can get back into some shape before then!

My Masters Thesis is titled "Heart Rates of Elite Male Orienteers During Sprint, Middle and Long Distance Orienteering Races", and I was hoping to publish it in the Scientific Journal of Orienteering, but I am not sure if that exists any more - I certainly haven't been able to contact anybody at the journal.


forest said...
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forest said...

Hi Graham,
congratulation for a degree. Is your thesis somewhere online?