15 October 2012

Back in black

I made my comeback last weekend after a long recovery period, taking part in the SNO team at 25manna, a 25 person relay competition with people of all ages making up the team. Having not shown any form, I was lucky to make the first team, and had a relatively 'easy' leg and assignment, running leg 7 as the 2nd runner and having a comfortable lead over the 3rd and 4th members of our team (it gets complicated but 4 from each team run on each leg, with the 'best' starting last to catch up lost time).
I did a good race, with one 40 second mistake on the second last control, and a little time loss on the way to the first control when I hit my knee pretty hard on a stone. I was 2 minutes behind on my leg, and my team finished 3rd (after a pretty bad start).

Most positive was that my body responded in a good way, and despite not having a lot of recent training hours, I was able to run as I would have liked without any bad feeling or after effects. It is good to be back!

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HeleneSuzanne said...

Great that you are back in action GG! Good luck & see you in NZ if not before!