02 October 2013

Swedish Middle and Relay, and New Job!

Photo: Urban Larsson

Swedish Champs weekend was quite mixed. Fighting a cold going into the qualification, I did a good race to qualify for the final (lungs were a bit raw). Then unfortunately the SNO team was hit by food poisoning (bad meat?). Most guys were up many times during the night. I survived the night, but between waking up and racing, it felt like I spent more time in the bathroom than out of it!

I managed to race the final, and did a decent technical performance - but physically I was a bit off the ball, finishing 6 minutes behind in 31st place! Feeling sorry for myself, I wasn't sure that I would even run the relay.

I was therefore selected for the SNO 2nd team with Eric B and Pavlo U. Eric ran well on 1st leg to send me out in 6th place, just under 1 minute behind. The pace was high in the beginning, but I managed to follow the other runners around, and was running in 2nd-5th place for much of the first part. The group split up about half way, and I was then running almost alone in 3rd place for the rest of the race. I made a small mistake on the 2nd last control, otherwise it was a decent technical performance (even if I was still feeling pretty 'empty' physically), and I changed over in 3rd place 3:30 behind leaders, but only 30s behind 2nd. Pavlo was also feeling not at his best, but he did a good job against top opposition to bring us in in 6th place, with SNO first team in 4th. Results

It became official today that I am now the new Elite Coach for IFK Mora. I will also compete for IFK Mora next spring. Article. I will work with the best runners on an individual basis, organise training camps and help elite runners in the club prepare for important domestic and international competitions.


Paul Murgatroyd said...

Nice one, GG, hope they're paying you well!?

All the best


pierre grima said...

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