22 April 2006

Østfold O-weekend Part 1

Today I took part in my first race in technical terrain this year. I will put my map up when I can. This race was not a target in any way, I am using my time in Norway as technique training and preparation for TIOmila, but I wanted to orienteer well and run fast without working hard. My goal was to find a good speed and keep a good enough contact to be able to orienteer well. I achieved mixed results. In general I was really happy with my speed. Without ever really working hard round the 8.7km course, I felt like I was running pretty fast. As for the keeping in contact, the first part of the course went well, and I had no problems for the first four controls. I made a small mistake at 5, but nothing major. Then at 6 I refolded my map and lost contact. Instead of stopping and recovering I carried on and missed the control, losing about a minute. Then for 7 I chose a straightish route and simplified well until about 200 metres from the control. Then I lost direction and contact slightly and drifted off my line. It took me a few seconds to relocate and by the time I found the control I had lost around 2 minutes. Then I started to run out of 7 to the south instead of to the north, luckily I noticed before I had run more than a few metres so no real time loss. I was really happy with the next few controls, I orienteered well to 9, 10 and 11. Coming out of 11 I lost some contact, but then relocated mid leg in the green. Then I missed the control slightly in the circle and wasted around 30 secs. 13 was slightly strange as I couldn't get the map to fit the ground, but I kept running on my line and I ran straight into the control. Again at 14 I struggled to make the map fit, and ran too far up the flat area past the control. After a moments confusion I worked out what I had done, although I wasn't 100% confident, and found the control easily. 15 was ok, not sure I took the best line though.
Overall I was happy, and I felt like I lost around 4-5 mins to errors, and maybe a couple of minutes to running speed as I was holding back slightly. Hopefully tomorrow, with slightly faster and less technical terrain, I can do better.

Results here
Splits here

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