27 April 2006

Why do it?

As I was out training this morning, a question arose it my head. Why do we do it? Why do we put outselves through this? Why did I get up at 6am to go running?

And then I thought back to an episode of a TV show, Scrubs, where one of the characters says to another something along the lines of 'nothing in life worth having comes easy, if it is worth having it is worth fighting for', and I thought to myself, what am I fighting for? I decided I was fighting to be the best, I was training to be the best. Not necessarily the best in the world, or the best in Britain, or anything like that, because that is both too much and not enough. We are all fighting to be the best that WE can be, to achieve the most that we are able to achieve, to reach our own potential. Whether that means being the best in the world, or even just being able to complete a course at an event, it is enough to be striving to improve ourselves. That may mean making sacrifices such as getting up early, being antisocial, not spending time with friends and family, travelling to far corners of the world, but IT IS WORTH IT. It is worth it to not look back with regret, not to think I could have been better, done more than I did, achieved more.

Think I will get up at 5.30 tomorrow.


Liis said...

almost thought i was reading annika´s blog. you should talk to her!

Anonymous said...

you talk some emotional pap graham

good luck at the europeans.

gg said...

cheers eddie, appreciate it

Anonymous said...

bleurgh! was really enjoying reading your blog and looking at the races.. til i read this one haha :)