10 June 2006

Finland, changing plans and the next month

Unfortunately I have had to change my plan for this part of the season. I had been planning on travelling out to Finland yesterday to take part in the Suunto Games with my club, IL Tyrving, and then spend the week training in relevant terrain for Jukola next weekend.
This changed with the death of my aunt last week after a long struggle with cancer. Her funeral is on monday so I have decided to stay and train in England this weekend, and travel out to Finland on Tuesday in time to take part in the Forssa Games on Thursday.
This will leave me a couple of days to train for Jukola, and then after that it is back home for a few days before travelling out to Denmark for the WOC selections. My goal is to be selected for two disciplines, probably sprint and middle. I think that it is unlikely that I will make the relay team but I am confident of making the team.
I will end the month just relaxing at home, doing some training and watching the world cup.


Brent said...

good luck with the selection races. Congrats on your Jukola run. Looked like you had a pretty decent one.

gg said...

thanks, my run was ok, nothing special, will write about it later

are you running woc?