25 June 2006

WOC Selections - Classic

8th place, 8 minutes down on Jamie and perhaps I shouldn't have run today. Felt ok this morning after spending most of yesterday afternoon in bed, but after about 2 or 3km I knew I was still not right. Struggled round though, not making many mistakes (lost maybe 2 - 3 mins) but very aware that I wasn't running as fast as I would like.

All can do now is just wait for a phonecall to find out my fate.
My guess is either just Sprint (hopefully not), or Sprint and Middle (hopefully)

1. Jamie Stevenson 77.03
2. Jon Duncan 80.04
3. Oli Johnson 81.25
4. Dan Marston 81.32
5. Matt Speake 82.16
6. Nick Barrable 83.07
7. Matt Crane 83.14
8. Graham Gristwood 85.22

Results on BOF website here

Maps and selections up later

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