24 June 2006

WOC Selections - Middle

5th place in todays middle race. Woke up with a slight cold, but felt ok to run. Had a decent run, one small route choice error and wobble cost me about 20-25 seconds, and I got stuck in some green for about 10-15 seconds, but apart from that had a clean run. May not have picked quite the best route on the long route choice leg but I felt I had done enough. I was about 45 seconds down at the end in 5th place and a little bit disappointed. Maybe my cold was slightly worse than I thought and I felt worse at the finish.

Will see how I feel in the morning before I decide if I will run the long selection race.

Results on the BOF webpage here

Top 6 today

1 Jon Duncan 33.04
2 Oli Johnson 33.05
3 Matt Crane 33.18
4 Matt Speake 33.20
5 Graham Gristwood 33.48
6 Jamie Stevenson 34.27

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