14 April 2008

Czech training camp

Last week the British team had a training camp in Czech, in preparation for the World Championships. We stayed in the Pension Athena, about 20 minutes east of Prostejov where the sprint qualifier will be. We had a hard training week, training with some of the Russian and Estonian teams, and at the end of the week we took part in the Moravian Championships. The terrain and competitions were very relevant and there were many national and club teams taking part from across Europe. I ran very well in the two sprint competitions, placing 5th and 4th against some strong runners. I was too tired to run the classic, and I was still tired for first leg of the relay, in some really hilly terrain. Event website here. I am back in Stockholm now, but on Thursday I will fly to Scotland for the British long championships. Unfortunately I cannot run the relay championships as I intend to run the Swedish champs later in the year.


Anonymous said...


Excuse my ingnorance but why can't you run in th relay if you're entering the Swedish champs?

gg said...

well the current rules in sweden say you can't run national relay champs in more than one country in the same year - they changed it for the other disciplines, but not for the relay for some strange reason

its all academic now anyway as i am sick and am not going to culbin