22 April 2008

Selections and sick

Yesterday Lidingö's Tiomila team was picked, and as expected I have a nice day leg (but not last). Our team is really good, but a couple of guys didn't make it due to sickness and injury which is a real shame - hopefully they will be back for Jukola. Follow / watch online here.

Today selections came out for the British team for a few things, I was selected for everything I wanted - EOC, EOC training camp and World Cups.

Downside this last week - on Wednesday I picked up some stomach bug. Tried to do a race in the evening, felt terrible, ended up walking quite a lot, got a bit cold and tired. Then after the race I felt awful and basically got sick. Spent the last 5 days in bed, missing British Long champs in Scotland (gutted). Started to feel a lot better now though, should be fine for the weekend.

1 comment:

eddie said...

alright lad unlucky on the illness and your no show at the British. Nice work on the Team GBR selections. Go and show jonny foreigner how its done.

peace out