28 April 2008

Tiomila map

This weekend I ran leg 9 for IFK Lidingö at Tiomila. The club ran well through the night and I started in 8th place. I had been sick the previous week, but I knew I was in good shape, and my cold was feeling OK. I caught up 7th place by the first control, but Simonas Krepsta started just behind me and he caught us as well. I ran quite a lot of the race with him, although we had slightly different gaffles. I made a small mistake at 13, when I misread the contours slightly. Simonas got a small gap there (maybe 30 seconds), and although I ran well after that I didn't see him. We passed the TuMe team on the way to the 8th control, so I changed over in 7th place.
My team finished 13th, which is a little disappointing as we had very high hopes, but it is still a massive PB for me at tio.
Results here

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