26 August 2008

Kicking off SM training

After the French 6 day I was knackered and had some problems with my thigh and my knee, so I had a week with no training - something my body really needed after WOC, Oringen and France in 4 weeks. But then it was time to get back into training for the Autumn season - primarily for SM (Swedish Champs) long, middle and relay, and the World Cup Final. I will also do some running races and some of the autumn relays like 25manna. Below are some of my recent race/training maps. As you can see, some of them have colourful routes on from my new toy - I bought myself a GPS and have uploaded my routes using Quickroute.

This was a really fun technical training - Started off with a line course, then 2 loops in super technical forest - really tough orienteering!

This was an elite middle distance. I missed 2 minutes at the first control - d'oh! Didn't understand the map and Linus K caught me up. We ran together (not perfectly) until number 6, then I ran away from him. I ran really good after that (almost perfect) and finished 8th, 1.50 behind Fredrik L. Disappointed about the 1st control, but pretty pleased after that.

This was a long distance training, I ran 3 longer intervals with some jogging between (2km, 2km and 4km). Really nice terrain relevant for SM.

This was a relay training with some guys from Gothenburg. I ran quite good except the 3rd control when I lost contact about 75% along the leg and climbed up onto the wrong hilltop. Lost a couple of mins but ran well after that.

This one was the club middle distance champs. I missed 30 seconds on the first 2 controls each, but after that ran almost perfectly to win by 2 minutes.


Doug T said...

do the colours represent heart rate or speed? or something else....

it looks really interesting anyway

gg said...

Speed, green for go, red for stop