27 August 2008

New pb for 10,000m

Last night I smashed my 10km pb at Stockholms Stadion. I ran 30.59,08 to finish second in the Långlöparnas Kväll. I was pretty nervous before the start as I worked out it was my first race on the track for 6 years! The last one was when I was in 6th form. I ran at the back of the lead pack for most of the race, around 5m from the front, and gradually runners dropped out or dropped away. The last 4km was just me and one other guy, and we were lapping in 74-75 seconds pretty steadily. With 4 laps left he started to ramp it up, throwing in some 73s and 72s. I managed to hold on, but be ran 70 and 65 for the last two laps and I could only manage 70 and 71 to finish 30m behind. I did manage to get under 31minutes though which I am really happy about, and I took 1.16 off my old pb.
First 5km 15.36, second 15.23 (new pb also!)

Results here


EddieH said...

What a fantastic time. You've obviously got over your recent orienteering stresses

Highlands Open 2008 said...

congratulations. good job.

Patrik Engström said...

Good job the other day Graham! But if we would have taken turn and helped each other with the pace I guess we both could have cut of perhaps 15 more seconds! Keeping pace for 25 laps requires hard concentration. It's much easier to just follow a back. Take care.


gg said...

Patrick - maybe you are right, and it would have been good for both of us, but for me you were already running faster than I had planned and I was trying to make it easy for myself :). I thought I had a chance to take you in the end, but you were much too strong for me. Congratulations on the win - new pb for you?

Patrik Engström said...


Well, I have improved my finish the last year. It's a good little extra thing to have whenever it is close in the end.

And yes, it was a new pb for me. You can see them on my blog:


Patrik Engström said...


Sorry for the 'annoyed'-part. But you know how it is. When you get tired all the small things grows in porportion. No hard feelings! :)

I'll be keeping a eye out for you and your results!

Jamie said...

Hi GG! Nice time - World Champs form still with you! Keep training and good luck at SM!