12 August 2008

World Championships and Oringen - maps and photos

World Champs

So I'm a World Champion :)
That feels nice. I didn't run to my full potential in the middle or sprint, my results were ok but not what I wanted, but I ran pretty close to perfectly in the relay, and Jon and Jamie did the rest. Now it is time to work out how I can change that into top individual results.

Proud parents


My head and heart wasn't really in the sprint at Oringen. The long distance went well until I had some stomach cramps and was forced to walk/jog the last 3km. The middle race was really good, my best ever World Cup middle distance (13th), and I ran ok in the chase without much motivation.


BJ said...

Cmon GG, is that all you are going to write about being World Champion?? i have been expecting a full 10 page article on it and how good you were. Now normally, we will all take the piss out of what you write etc etc. But this time, no piss taking, you really did it, you won that one race that everyone wants, but very few get. Lets hear more about it mate, as i for one, want to read it.

congrats again

gg said...

Cheers dude, I will write something about my race in my next post.